Legal Status of Ephedrine in the USA
09.08.2014 12:27

Like most other governments, the United States has banned ephedrine’s use in weight loss supplements. In fact, the food and drug administration of the US was the first in the world to put a ban on the drug in 2004. Therefore, there is a fat chance of you getting hold of a diet supplement in your local pharmacy or over the counter supplements store that contains ephedrine. However, that does not mean you do not have any access to the compound.

A Drug of Many Talents

Ephedrine has been used by humankind for hundreds of years; it was synthesized in China for treatment of hay fever over a millennium ago. Therefore, it is probably safe to say that ephedrine is an indispensible drug when it comes to medicinal value and no country can ban out outright. It is a lot like codeine, in many ways. Despite the risk of having a methamphetamine analogue in the market over the counter, it is still something that people cannot do without if they want cheap and effective healthcare. Luckily for weight-loss enthusiasts, you can find ephedrine in your local pharmacy if you ask for pills for asthma, hay fever or even flu. Check out the internet for generic names of drugs that contain ephedrine.

Cooking up the Supplement

If you are going to use ephedrine from flu pills as a weight loss supplement, you probably need to mix it with a few other (not lethal or harmful) readily available compounds to enhance its effect. These are merely aspirin and caffeine. Check out the labels of the ephedrine based weight loss pill that you want to emulate and consume the pill with similar amounts of the two. It is a bit of a headache, yes, but given the fast acting nature of ephedrine and its efficiency, it is a headache you ought to take.

Is it legal?

Yes and No. Ephedrine is restricted in the USA when it comes to use as a dietary supplement or appetite suppressant. However, the restriction only applies to commercial sale of the product to that effect. You cannot be indicted for consuming ephedrine with the other constituents of the supplement on your own merely for personal use. If you do not want to make your own supplement, then an alternative option is to get it online from a foreign international pharmacy.


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